Workflow & Business Process Management

Controlled Workflows and Tight Process Management

Your business is different than everyone else. Why shouldn't your software give you the freedom to be you? With K9ERP, you can Create, Manage and Update Workflows that fit YOUR company's processes. Manage how the work gets done and create a clear path to success.

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No deviations. Full linear progression.

Processes work and they all work together in harmony.

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Business Rules are NOT meant to be broken

Workflow/BPM within K9ERP ensures processes are set-up to run with your company's specifications and, most importantly, ensures that those processes are followed.

K9ERP goes beyond the basic workflow management system, including a full business process management (BPM) module. With BPM in K9ERP, map out your everyday processes to pinpoint and eradicate bottlenecks, control costs, create efficiencies in standard processes and ensure the effectiveness of the employees involved in the processes.

Developing, building, automating, and integrating business processes with our integrated BPM solution allows a company to save time and reduce costs by converting day-to-day manual processes into optimized, easily executable, efficient, traceable electronic processes.

BPM integrated within K9ERP provides companies with complete lifecycle management of business processes, advanced technological integrations, and efficiencies across people, processes, and technologies. Unlike stand-alone BPM solutions, K9ERP is designed to handle your current processes and future requirements, all within a fully flexible, organization-wide, efficient solution.

Process control keeps the entire company moving in the right direction, towards success.

Manage your entire company’s processes, authorizations and information flows with K9ERP’s complete workflow management solution. Work gets done the right way, in the right order, at the right time.

Internal methodologies are created, analyzed, and managed to create the best possible scenarios for profitability and long-term, sustainable growth.

Clear Directions Guarantee Strong Teams

Your team works hard, with K9ERP, they will all be working hard together, from the same playbook.