Accounting Software With Business Intelligence – BI Reports

Business Intelligence and Custom Reports, Included in your Accounting Software

Your business is different than everyone else. Why shouldn't your software give you the freedom to be you? With K9ERP, you can Create, Manage and Update Reports that fit YOUR company's need for BI reports and all processes. Manage your data, analyze data and create a clear path to success.

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Valuable Insights for Maximum Results.

Relevant Data & Reports that Matter

Good data provides meaningful reports promoting profitable decisions.

Create, Run, and Review reports on any and all data within your company.

View deep insights into your company with K9ERP's advanced analytics and report generator.

Developing, building, automating, and integrating the reporting process saves precious time and reduces costs by eliminating manual reporting and data entry for optimized, easily executable, and traceable reporting and data analytic processes.

Business Intelligence and analytics within K9ERP allows organizations to find and analyze business data to better understand and improve upon their company's internal and external strengths and weaknesses.

Business Intelligence and analytics within K9ERP allows oranizations to find and analyze business data and better understand their company's internal and external strengths and weaknesses..

K9ERP's Business Intelligence module enables managers to better see the relationship between all internal data, across all departments, for better decision-making, and spot opportunities for innovation, cost reduction and optimal deployment of resources.

With the Business Intelligence included in K9ERP software, businesses are able to achieve these objectives by providing historical, current and predictive views of the operations of each department, site and unit within the organization in parts or as a whole.

Company managers can quickly sort through or slice and dice large amounts of data and then use that data to detect trends and patterns. Using included analytical modeling tools, with K9ERP, companies can more accurately predict the financial effect of actions than manually generated projections.

Stop guessing, start calculating.

K9ERP makes analytics, insights and profitability easy to achieve.