ERP for the Medical Equipment and Supplies Industry

It's truly a great software, especially for the price. It's our first cloud-based software, so for us, that was a huge advantage - we no longer need servers with firewalls and hardware issues. We also travel quite a bit throughout the year to trade shows, so it was nice to have our database at our fingertips. I love that it's a one-stop-shop for all my company's financials - inventory, warehousing, sales orders, invoicing, accounts receivable & payable, and (my fav) the general ledger.

Our industry is heavily regulated by the FDA, and this software helps us meet all of our regulatory goals, particularly in inventory management. You can manage multiple warehouses and bin locations; track inventory with lot and serial numbers; track sales based on cost centers; and so much more.

L.C., CFO Global Medical Device Company

The medical supplies industry has unique requirements that encompass a viable ERP software solution. K9ERP understands this. We’ve spent extensive time with distributors, manufacturers, and end users to ensure we are meeting their current needs and continue to do so as the market is constantly changing.

In addition to the industry’s unique requirements, medical supply distributors experience many of the same business challenges as distributors in any industry. Access to accurate inventory information, real-time costing data, compliance mandates, financial reporting and actionable insight are critical.

K9ERP is a complete ERP system and provides medical supply businesses a solution that delivers robust functionality and deep business insight, allowing for faster and more strategic decisions about business operations. The quick, simple implementation process minimizes the downtime and risks in an ERP implementation, allowing you to maximize the benefits.

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Why K9ERP?

K9ERP is at the leading edge of issues and trends affecting the medical supplies industry and businesses. We have customized K9ERP specifically to make sure it has what medical equipment businesses need and we continuously work with distributors, processors and end users, helping to achieve specific goals and address the unique operational challenges facing the industry.

ERP for the Medical Equipment and Supplies Industry


A critical function for anyone in the Medical supplies industry is tracking and traceability of products and customers. Customizable inputs allow for entered information to be as detailed as required by the state your operation is based in. Expiration Dates, Serial Numbers, Lot numbers and other critical data points are tracked in detail and, combined with our Service call module, gives you full inception to disposition tracking of your controlled items. K9ERP maintains all data indefinitely, so managing any potential product issues or recalls is easily handled. With K9ERP’s tracking abilities, all of our required customers have passed every FDA inspection.

Barcodes and Labels

K9ERP’s flexible barcoding module allows you to create and print custom barcode labels directly within the system - both 2D and 3D barcodes are supported. Barcodes and labels can be created using any data within the K9ERP system for easy product information display, tracking, and required details. Additionally, K9ERP’s mobile Warehouse Management System helps you quickly get up and running with barcoding.


K9ERP’s simple yet powerful assembly (kitting) module is designed to work with the medical equipment industry’s unique requirements. The 8-digit decimal precision and custom unit of measure conversions allow you to fine tune your kit components while still accounting for every individual product.


Know where everything is and where it should be, instantly. K9ERP’s warehousing and logistics module gives you critical insight on inventory movement, so you always have the right product at the right place at the right time. All products are tracked in real-time so everyone from sales to warehouse to accounting are all on the same page, all the time.

Variable Pricing

Often there is a need for different pricing for the same item – wholesale vs retail or different types of users. K9ERP allows you to create as many pricing lists or discounts as needed. Instead of having multiple inventory items for the same product, have one item, priced for all your different requirements.

Sales & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

K9ERP’s CRM module allows you to stay up-to-date with your customers, keeping track of all details, sales transactions and all related documents. Generate detailed, easy to read and in-depth reports. Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, online or on-site, K9ERP has you covered with our extensive CRM features designed around multi-channel sales so you won’t need any other software.


K9ERP’s powerful reporting provides critical business intelligence, vital for any company. Make decisions based on key data in real time. Historical data can be used with current data to make time over time reporting quick and accurate. Isolate strengths and know where to implement improvements. The custom report generator allows you to easily create any report your business needs – no programming required. K9ERP comes with hundreds of reports already built within the system however each company is unique and has different needs. With K9ERP, reports can be created with any data set over any time period in any format.

Financial Management

K9ERP includes full financial capabilities – GL, AP, AR, costs calculations, forecasting, reporting – all compliant to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) standard. Financials are the core of any successful business and getting it right is critical. With K9ERP, everything is in one system – financials, inventory, warehouse, CRM, sales - alleviating the chance of human error that comes from transferring information between multiple systems.


K9ERP’s advanced inventory tracking and material requirements planning modules allow for complete inventory management. Giving you the ability to forecasting demand and get accurate, real-time numbers you can count on. It is critical for sales to know what is in stock, when will it be in stock, and can the current orders be reliably processed. With K9ERP, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse and everyone else are always informed and able to satisfy customers’ needs.

ERP for the Medical Equipment and Supplies Industry

Medical industry management with K9ERP. Complete Control.