Warehouse Management

WMS is included in K9ERP

Complete warehouse management out-of-the-box.

Your warehouse is critical to your company's success. It should be an integral part of your Accounting/ ERP Software. In K9ERP, it is. K9ERP comes standard with its own built-in, comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), eliminating the need for additional third-party software and complex integrations.

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K9ERP includes its own complete Warehouse Management System (WMS), eliminating the need for additional third-party software.

Physical or virtual, single or multi, all warehouses are fully managed and controlled from within the K9ERP system.

The WMS module allows for optimization of the basic operations components of warehouse management: Directed Picking, Directed Replenishment and Directed Put-away. These constraints are all defined in advance by the warehouse manager or management team, automating the daily processes.

The K9ERP WMS module is designed to help automate and manage routine warehouse tasks, such as inventory counts, returns to vendors, warehouse transfers, and other processes required to run an effective warehouse. For every warehouse operation logged within this module, the applicable inventory transaction documents (e.g., shipping, sales invoice, or warehouse transfer document) are automatically created utilizing our smart interface.

Track every movement that occurs in, near or affecting every warehouse.

K9ERP software includes comprehensive warehouse management
that integrates in real time with every other department in the company.

Instant Accounting

All warehouse activities are automatically reported and integrated directly into K9ERP's accounting modules.

Any Time, Anywhere Visibility

Real time knowledge of inventory, shipments, assemblies...everything happening in your warehouses.

Executives and warehouse managers need real-time visibility into current inventory status and projected future status. With K9ERP, executives, managers, sales representatives, suppliers and any other authorized personnel can view real-time information from any web-browser for informed decisions.

Unlimited Warehouse Options

Physical or Virtual: Oversee multiple physical warehouses or set-up virtual warehouses based on the inventory on-hand at your vendors or other locations. Control an unlimited number of warehouses no matter what type or classification. Location-level controls allow for complete management oversight of inventory in all warehouses, whether it is on-site at a company warehouse or held at a supplier.

Location/Zone Controls

No matter how many or where your warehouses are in the world, manage them, in real time, from the convenience of your office or wherever you are working today. Warehouses divided into locations still have available extensive controls including single lot, single product, dedicated product and dedicated unit. Storage types (such as refrigerated, climate-controlled or advanced security) can also be associated with a zone or location. Compatibility between products and zone or location is automatically validated by the stock locator to insure all inventory is handled properly.

Advanced Picking & Packing

Streamline the entire pick and pack to complete process by attaching as many pick items as it takes to fulfill an order in one picking slip. The easier it is for the fulfillment team, the more accurate and organized the process becomes. Absolute certainty drives the picking and packing processes instilling confidence and creating maximum efficiencies in the entire team.

Lot & Serial Numbers

Track products by lot and/or serial number. Tracking can be assigned to items in the warehouse, items in transit or items on order. Requirements are set by management and compliance is ensured. Manage date-controlled items automatically, ensuring pick and replenishment processes are determined by expiration dates (first expiration, first out). K9ERP's life-cycle management capability flags lots that are approaching their expiration date for immediate attention.

Custom Barcodes

Define stock or warehouse codes by kits, lots, warehouses or any structure your organization requires. Stock or warehouse codes can be defined by each organization for any inventory item, lot or kit to determine how the inventory is handled. Items can be coded for sale availability, ship availability, ownership status, insurance values, or assigned to third parties. Create an unlimited number of internal codes needed by your organization. Custom labels contain any and all content you require.

Quality Control

Eliminate errors and oversights with clearly defined warehouse procedures. Receiving, replenishment. shipping, returns, transfers, kitting and assembly processes are explicitly documented and tightly managed. Every item in, out and around the warehouse is painstakingly documented.

Inventory Management in K9ERP leaves no detail to question.

Each company's diverse internal requirements are driven by their own business objectives, industry regulations, distribution model, and operational procedures . K9ERP's warehouse management solution supports companies of all sizes and needs – from single facility operations to large, multi-location enterprises with a multitude of distribution warehouses and facilities.

Manage your warehouses with every other department.

Oversee everything with K9ERP.