K9ERP Benefits For CFOs

At the heart of every company are the financials. Full real-time oversight is necessary to maintain a healthy organization.

Chief Financial Officers are provided with a comprehensive, real-time view of all financial aspects of the organization. Sales, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Vendor Payments and all other modules that affect the bottom line are interconnected, providing the CFO a real-time "video" of the organization. As changes are made, updates happen instantaneously across the entire corporation, creating a fluid, ongoing window into what is happening NOW.

K9ERP was created with the highest standard in mind - CFOs know that is a standard, not an option. GAAP, IFRS, IASB and SOX were a major consideration in the creation of K9ERP. These regulatory standards require organizations to implement an internal control framework for maintaining auditable business transactions, financial transparency and real-time reporting, along with operational controls to audit any financial-relative aspect of the organization, all easily accomplished within the K9ERP system.

Chief Financial Officers are given a comprehensive view of all data and financials in real time. The CFO does not need to hunt down information from different departments. Every aspect of the business is included and interconnected with K9ERP.

Complete financial oversight.

K9ERP helps CFOs control all the financials from anywhere, at any time.