Accounting Software with Inventory Management

Track and Manage All Inventory, All the Time.

Tight inventory controls are a key component to successful business management. K9ERP features full inventory control systems, integrated with your financials for complete oversight. All items in inventory are tracked from acquisition through final sale. Items are managed throughout their lifecycle so there is never a question as to what is in stock, on order or promised to a customer.

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K9ERP offers its own built-in Inventory Control module, eliminating the need for additional third-party software

The Inventory Control module is integrated within K9ERP which allows an organization to organize inventory with ease and streamline the inventory process.

K9ERP includes full customer lifecycle management, starting with lead generation, through creating a price quote, sales order placement, order shipment, payment receipt, on-going service calls and repeat orders.

The K9ERP Inventory Control module keeps all processes in the same linear workflow. Re-orders, sales, re-stocking, payments, and suppliers are all integrated for maximum efficiency. Managers can evaluate inventory needs and manage all inventory processes efficiently.

Full Visibility to Eliminate Inventory Problems and Error-Free Financial Recording

K9ERP software includes comprehensive inventory management
that integrates in real time with every other department in the company.

Flexible Controls

Define stock or warehouse codes by kits, lots, warehouses or any structure your organization requires.

Custom Barcodes

Create barcodes to match your tracking and customer information needs. Include logos, product images, QR Codes, whatever you need.

Quick Assortments

Create assortments easily with K9ERP's built-in assortment matrix. One item with 10 sizes and 30 colors? No problem.

Any Time, Anywhere Access

Real time knowledge of inventory, shipments, assemblies... everything happening with your products.

Instant Accounting

All inventory movements are automatically tracked, updated, and reported directly into K9ERP's financial modules.

Tight Location Controls

Know exactly where each item is within your warehouse or storage facility. Zones, bins, shelves, rows... however you classify, K9ERP will track each element.

Lot & Serial Numbers

Track products by lot and/or serial number. Tracking can be assigned to items in the warehouse or only on shipments or receipts.

Unlimited Warehouse Options

Oversee multiple physical warehouses or set-up virtual warehouses based on the inventory on-hand at your vendors or other locations.

Inventory Management in K9ERP leaves no detail to question.

  • Product catalog (and images) management
  • Bills of Materials (BOM), kits and assemblies
  • Assembly and order of operations management
  • Multi-dimensional part parameters and multi-unit of measure
  • Lot and serial number tracking and management
  • Inventory transactions
  • Warehouses and location/shelf control
  • Inventory counts and journaling of inventory adjustments
  • Reorder levels and replenishment
  • Costing (FIFO, LIFO, moving average...), COGS
  • Packaging
  • Connectivity to bar codes and remote (RF handheld) devices
  • Inventory control and management dashboards and analytics
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Parts & Inventory, Managed.

Detailed inventory management with K9ERP. Complete Control.