Affordable ERP Software For CRM And Sales Management

Complete Management of Sales and Customers

Know, without a doubt, the sales results and daily activities of your entire sales and custom service teams. Manage all of your clients, contacts and potential customers in one place. View deep insights into each client or vendor across all departments and sales cycles.

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Custom View: Sales, Activities and Future Plans

Marketing and sales force automation within K9ERP provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools that manage sales representatives, pipelines and channels while automating marketing efforts.

K9ERP includes full customer lifecycle management, starting with lead generation, through creating a price quote, sales order placement, order shipment, payment receipt, on-going service calls and repeat orders.

With K9ERP’s built-in CRM tools, managers can track sales performance and order management utilizing a whole suite of customer-related information – financial, logistical and operational – and the ability to drill down directly to the K9ERP modules from which the raw data is obtained.

Sales creates business. Customer service keeps it going.

Integrated CRM & Sales Management

Know, without a doubt, the sales results and daily activities of your entire sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Manage your entire company’s pipeline - see where each client is in the funnel and who may need extra help to close.

The real-time visibility K9ERP provides into your company’s sales and customer service performance gives management greater ability to create strategies and analyze the viability of all initiatives.

Sales, Marketing, CRM.

K9ERP details every activity and records their sales impact. Complete customer oversight.