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K9ERP Client Services

When you call K9ERP, you're getting a knowledgeable support team, 100% located in the USA.


Our team has both industry-specific and general ERP market experience and knowledge, allowing us to intelligently consult on business strategies and processes.


K9ERP is designed to be easy to install and get started BUT, if you need our help, we will be there for you.


K9ERP can easily be installed and implemented with minimum start-up training required, unless you need it, then please ask. We will be happy to help.


When companies select an ERP vendor, they entrust the vendor to provide a full solution, not just a software package. For this reason, we not only distribute K9ERP, we fully support our products.


Using the tools within K9ERP and our hands-on experience, our team can effectively help migrate your existing data to the K9ERP platform.

Custom Development

All businesses are unique, and some may require that the K9ERP system be tweaked to suit a particular requirement or business practice.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

K9ERP in the Cloud enables our clients to reduce their overall IT budget and be free from the complexities and costs of managing on-site or off-premise hardware and installed software.


If you ever feel that you need more than basic support and on a wider scale, on-going plans are available which provide our clients with expanded support.

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. Donald Porter

Client Support is important to us

We are here to help you succeed! Supporting our clients is our top priority. We consistently receive feedback from our clients that our customer support exceeds their expectations.

Our support team is comprised of knowledgable, talented technology experts, business management professionals and financial management experts that have the experience needed to provide top tier client support.

At K9ERP, we understand that an investment in an ERP system is larger than the cost for most businesses. If your software doesn't work as it should, your company doesn't work. That is not an option. Our support teams don't stop until you are up and running, full speed ahead.

K9ERP Customer Service
I had a client who spent a lot of money on a large-scale ERP system. Even though they were a small/medium-sized business they needed features beyond basic accounting. It proved to be cumbersome and way too much for them and the staff wouldn't use it. We found K9ERP for them and it's been exactly what they need. It has inventory control, warehouse management, accounting and all the other things they need but at the price and scale that makes sense.
Garrett Gluck
President & Founder, ComputerTechMD
K9ERP Customer Service
I run a multi-national investment firm and we chose K9ERP based on a referral from a colleage. We could not be happier and I wanted to share that. We've struggled for years to combine all of our operations in the different countries seamlessly and we are finally able to do that with the K9ERP Software. Our corporation may not be large by US standards, but now we are equally able to compete as we have the same corporate efficiency and control as the largest companies with K9ERP.
Guy Zisser
CEO, ZFM Financial, Isreal/ USA